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I.. I just can't control it anymore!

Peter, you can't possibly want those two over me!!! No chance! No way!

I can give you far more than they ever could. I know how much you like the sadistic side of things, and I could allow you to ride your violence out until we come together in a sea of love.

If you are really wanting those two also though, I suppose I could agree to a group, as long as you swear to love me forever and only me.

I've already picked out the rings, I am certain you will like them, they have little diamonds in the shape of rabbit feet for luck!

Pick me first and I will be loyal and true to you forever more!

Otherwise I shall be forced to wait outside your door until you come out.

... Attempted at Private. Easy to hack.

They say they are my brothers...

Surely that's impossible?

Kadaj... Yazoo... Who are they? What are they?

It's... it's strange... I feel... strange.

I don't like this. What is it he makes me feel?

Mother... now of all times I need you more than ever...please return to me... lend me your strength once again. I think I will need it. I'm... I'm frightened worried about what all this means.

I think I'm going to lie down... I'll... I'll take my shot later, and I probably should try and remove this bullet, it is starting to irritate me, especially when -they- are around. Ugh... This is going to hurt isn't it?

End Private.


Does anyone have a small blade I can borrow? Like a dagger or a meat knife? I have something I need to take care of.


Azusan... don't come.

I didn't think I could get sick but...

I... I...

I don't want to die...

I... I can't find it.

Why won't the blood stop? It should at least heal by now...





What has happened?

Um.. Azusan? I think we need to talk. Fast. I'm not sure how to put this... somethings wrong.

please don't hate me...


So I see we have another death amongst us.

I do not know if it was suicide or a killer, if the latter, let us hope it will end there. After all, the dead kid is the only one who was able to gather information about how to get rid of the last one.

This school is becoming more dangerous than Shin-Ra every day, that's almost amusing.

Azusan... if anymore die, come to my room please? I'll keep you safe.

I swear... the students here are only looking for an excuse to complain and cry if you ask me... this is exactly how they behaved at the last set of deaths, why in the name of Jenova do they continue to pretend to care so deeply when they are not prepared to do anything about it?


I... These have nothing to do with me!





I swear... I don't even know who these belong to!!!!

They are NOT mine!!!!!!!!!!!

Onsen. Privated. Hackable.

Seph's finally learnt this much of computersCollapse )
---------------------- end private-------------

To the Teachers.

I am not keen on Springs. May I please be excused from this trip?

Sephiros Saevam.


never mind Teachers. I will go.

To the Dark Teacher

Can... I ask you a favour please?



Whatever it is that was done.. I did it. I confess, I confess. Please stop.

Festival. Private, easily hackable.

Read more...Collapse )

----------------------------------------end private-----------------------

Everyone seems to be posting their classes, I suppose I should post mine?

Japanese History
SocialSocial Studies
FashionFashion Studies
Sword Play

I think that should be plenty correct?
I do not think I have missed anything important out...